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A clarioncall for the masses

Weekly bang-e-Sahar Karachi Satuarday July 26—–August 1, 2008
NOBODY can deny the fact that whenever the people of Gilgit-Baltistan agree on a single point hidden forces succeed to create fissures in the region that destroy the unity among the masses. When the people raised voice for attaining their rights in 2005, a worst ever violence marred the region. Similar incidents also occurred in the years 1988, 2001 and 2003. History of the area shows that regional and religious hatred has been used as a weapon to divide the people and entangle them in myriads of problems so that they cannot even think of struggling for their rights. Who is behind all this game? The answer to this question is not difficult. Those who do not want the area people to gain the opportunity and get their rights and determine their future are responsible for the mess. Hundreds of people have lost their lives in sectarian violence, the area is still reeling under the scars of the mayhem and there is a vacuum which cannot be filled so easily. Now the silent majority has realized the gravity of the situation and is looking towards the nationalist parties for a better future. During the last one year or so the representative alliance of the nationalist parties, the Gilgit-Baltistan Democratic Alliance, has established its popularity amongst the public and has held mammoth public gatherings one after the other in Gilgit, Gahkuch, Hunza and Skardu. Those who had been losing no opportunity to back the Pakistani government are now faced with frustration. The leaderships of the federalist parties are also supporting the policies of the nationalists. There was a time when even the word `nationalist’ was considered as a curse but now nationalist leaders are being invited to each forum as people understand that the nationalist parties have united the masses in a single platform. This change has again perturbed those forces that were out to create fissures among the people to gain their own objectives. These hidden forces are, therefore, trying to once again push the people into the whirpool of sectarian violence. The recent attack on member Legislative Assembly Himatullah Khan was a conspiracy in this direction. However, the conspiracy failed as the elders of both the sides demonstrated wisdom and succeeded to maintain peace and harmony in the region. However, tension still prevails in the area which is dangerous for the future. In this juncture, we consider that there should be no differences among Sunnis, Shias, Ismailis and Noor Bakhshis, as they all are brothers and sons of the region and have a single goal to achieve for the good of the future generations.The elders and leaders of all political and religious parties and groups should realize the gravity of the situation and maintain unity in their ranks and understand the conspiracies being hatched to destroy unity and peace of the area. They should understand their responsibilities and also the enemies of the nation. The proposal of a peace conference to form a joint committee consisting of the representatives of political, religious and nationalist parties to hold talks with the governments for attainment of people’s rights should be given a serious consideration, as it would be the proper answer to those who hatch conspiracies against people of the area.


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