Billions of rupees corruption alleged

By Our Correspondent….

CHITRAL: The former general secretary of PPP Chitral district, Syed Sardar Hussain Shah, has decided to file a lawsuit against rampant corruption in different departments at Mastuj tehsil. Talking to this correspondent here, he said the officers of different public works departments, including C&W, irrigation, defunct TMA and public health engineering, made a duck and drakes of the public money meant for development projects in different sectors development. He alleged that hundreds of millions of rupees have been embezzled in the development schemes of road, irrigation, drinking water and flood protection works by the contractors with the collusion of government officials. Mr. Shah said that the most of the corruption have been made in road construction work and named Booni-Shandur road and Booni-Buzund road in which payments of a huge amount of about 310 million have been paid to the contractors without any work on the site. He said that in the Booni-Shandur road alone, 240 million rupees were paid by the C&W department for widening and blacktopping of the road but not an inch of the road has been completed. He said that the government had allocated a huge amount of 70 million rupees for the channelization of Booni town to safe it from the impending danger of glacial outburst but no tangible amount of work can be seen on the site and the town is still imperiled by the flood. The PPP leader said that the local elected representatives did not bother to take any notice of the rampant corruption and said that the local MPA doled out hundreds of millions of rupees among his near and dear ones through the TMA Mastuj. He alleged large scale corruption at the behest of the local MPA in the TMA and said that to conceal their wrong doings, the very records of public works have been removed from the office. He said that two irrigation channels in the tehsil namely Khandan irrigation channel and Atahk irrigation channel have also failed after payment of 314 millions of rupees to the contractors by the irrigation department. Mr. Shah said that he will pursue the case of corruption of public funds in the NAB and said that the culprits should be punished and made example for others so that no one in future could dare to do so. He said that although the successive governments have provided development funds to the area but these were embezzled by the coterie of contractors and the officials of public work departments with the result that the tehsil is devoid of basic facilities.


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