Media trial of nationalist forces slammed

Media trial of nationalist forces slammed

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar karachi Saturday, September 13——-September 19, 2008
By Our Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The All Parties National Alliance, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, has criticised what it said a propaganda campaign launched by the establishment against nationalists of the region.
In a statement issued here, alliance chairman Advocate Mohammad Iqbal said a recent statement by the Force Commander, Northern Areas, showed that the establishment was perturbed over the rising popularity of the nationalist and progressive parties of the region.
He said efforts to involve the FCNA in politics would fail to serve the objectives of the establishment as the people of the region were well aware of the injustices which they have been facing for the last over 60 years.
Describing the FCNA’s statement violation of the Chief of Army Staff’s policy of disengaging army from politics, he asked the military officers to refrain from commenting on the political and constitutional issue of the area. He said for the last over six decades, the rulers have been telling the people of Gilgit-Baltistan that they were the citizens of Pakistan. He, however, said the region was neither part of Pakistan nor Islamabad can bring it under its constitution.
Describing the resolution of Northern Areas Legislative Assembly about the presidential election a farce, he said the so-called leaders of the region were responsible for keeping the local people subjugated for the last 61 years, adding now they were out to get as much privileges as possible from the government


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