Media campaign against Natco MD condemned

Media campaign against Natco MD condemned

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar karachi Saturday, September 13——-September 19, 2008

GILGIT: The employees of Northern Areas Transport Corporation (Natco) have criticised media campaign against the managing director of the corporation, Mr Zafar Iqbal, and said some influential politicians and unscrupulous element were behind the campaign to achieve their own vested interests.
Addressing a news conference here, Jehangir Shah and other members of the employees’ committee said some disgruntled elements who had been sacked from the organisation were now playing in the hands of some political figures and private transport mafia.
They said these elements issued unnamed notices of strike on behalf of the labourers of the organisation.
They disowned what they said the so-called labour union and said it did not enjoy the mandate to represent the rights of the employees. They vowed to unmask such elements and frustrate their designs of damaging this public organisation which is the only major souce of employment in the poverty-ridden area.—A Correspondent


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