Legislators return budget for revision

Legislators return budget for revision

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar karachi Saturday, September 13——-September 19, 2008
GILGIT: The Northern Areas Legislative Assembly has decided to return the budget documents to the finance department to review them in accordance with the `aspirations of the house’.
“Since the budget is to be reviewed so it is neither passed nor rejected,” Speaker Malik Mohammd Miskeen ruled.
Earlier, when the speaker informed the house that the assembly was to debate on the budget, PML-Q parliamentary leader Fida Mohammad Nashad said the budget should be returned for revision. He said there were points including ADP-related issues on which the house required full consensus.
Other members supported Mr Nashad after which the speaker decided to return the documents for review.
NALA DELEGATION: A ten-member delegation of NALA would visit Islamabad to inform the federal minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas about the reservations of the house on the budget and share of lawmakers in development process

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