Gindayi protest MLAs oblivious of arrested people

Gindayi protest MLAs oblivious of arrested people

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar karachi Saturday, September 13——-September 19, 2008

GAHKUCH: Elected representatives in the district and legislative assembly from Ghizer did not even bother to inquire after the welfare of the 30 citizens arrested during protests against leasing out of Gindayi mines to a Chines company.
The arrested people while talking to this correspondent in the City police station’s lockup said the Ghizer police had kept them in custody for the last over two weeks without any reason. They said they were facing physical and mental torture at the hands of the police.
They said by dislodging the firm named China-Pakistan Friendship Company they had done a good service for the area and safeguarded the natural resources of the people. However, they regretted that the elected representatives of the district had remained a silent spectator to the issue and even did not turn up to see them in the police station.
They said they had not committed any such crime for which they could be tortured.
They said under the law, they could be kept under police custody for only three to four days but the police had been keeping them in custody for the last over 12 days.
They called upon human rights organizations in the country and abroad to put pressure on the government for violating their legal and human rights and provide them justice.—Our Correspondent


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