‘Govt’s failures driving people towards suicide’

‘Govt’s failures driving people towards suicide’

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar karachi Saturday, September 13——-September 19, 2008
By Our Reporter
GILGIT: Due to rampant poverty and hunger, people are committing suicide in the country but the rulers have failed to realize the gravity of the situation and meet their expectations.
The masses were expecting a positive change after the downfall of General Musharraf but the new government not only failed to give them any relief but also failed to devise a plan to lessen their sufferings. These views were expressed by prominent nationalist leader Sher Wali Poonyali while talking to Bang-e-Sahar here.
He said the present price hike and poverty have compelled people to commit suicide but ironically the government was not bothered to resolve the public issues and the rulers were living a luxurious life.
He said those who never missed a chance to blame Musharraf for every ill had now come to power but were neither able to control price hike nor devise any policy to give relief to the poor.
He said wheat flour crisis, petroleum crisis and one after the other collapse of vital bridges had put the people of Gilgit-Baltistan in a bind. The administration of the region has even failed to give a semblance of relief to the locals during the holy month of Ramazan, he added. He said despite making tall claims, the administration could not control hoarding and profiteering in the area.
Even vegetables in the local markets have gone out of the reach of the poor. If the trend continued unchecked, the people would be unable to do Eid shopping, he added. He said poor people had to think about two times’ bread and had nothing to do with other affairs of the state.

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