Students asked to study N.As history, philosopy

Students asked to study N.As history, philosopy

Weekly Bang-e-sahar karachi Saturday, August 30, ——September 5, 2008
By Our Correspondent

GILGIT: The students of Gilgit-Baltistan, both males and females, should also make the subjects of history and philosophy as part of their study because no nation can attain its objectives without having knowledge of its past.
This was stated by President Balawaristan National Students Organization (BNSO) Karakoram University chapter Haider Abbas in a statement.
He said unfortunately as our national identity has been under attack for the last over 60 years, there have also been onslaught on our history, culture, languages and traditions. He regretted that instead of teaching the subjects of history and geography of Gilgit-Baltistan in the education institutions, they were taught about the geography and history of the four provinces of Pakistan. Our historical sites and tourist spots are considered as parts of Pakistan.
He called upon the students to make all-out efforts through their pens to promote their national identity.
He demanded that separate departments for Gigit-Baltistan’s geography, history and local languages should be established at the Karakoram University.


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