Police action in Yasen condemned

Police action in Yasen condemned

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Karachi Saturday, September 6——-September 12, 2008
By Our Correspondent
SKARDU: A meeting of the workers and office-bearers of Balawaristan National Front (BNF) Baltistan division at its officer here discussed state oppression on the people of Yasen-Gandayi.
Addressing the participants, BNF central senior vice-president Haider Shah Rizvi, central spokesman Safdar Ali, divisional president Mehdi Akmal, joint secretary Anwar Shah and divisional organizer of BNSO Mir Mohammad Sahar said the struggle of local people of Yasen-Gindayi against occupation of mineral resources by outsiders and foreign companies was justified and based on principles.
They termed the police brutality against the protesters state terrorism.
The BNF leaders said award of lease for exploration of mineral resources in Yasen and other parts of Gilgit-Baltistan was an illegal and condemnable act. The meeting announced full support to the people of Yasen in their struggle for their rights.

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