Pakistan plundering Northern Areas resources, UN told

Pakistan plundering Northern Areas resources, UN told

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Karachi Saturday, September 6——-September 12, 2008

In a letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban-ki-Moon, Balawaristan National Front Chairman Abdul Hamid Khan has alleged that Pakistan is violating all human rights and plundering the resources of the region.
“Your Excellency, I had already sent an appeal to your honour titled ‘Restrain China and Pakistan from Occupation’ about the violation of UN resolutions in Balawaristan (Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan) which is the “Last colony of 21st century” instead of the fact that Balawaristan does not fall under the jurisdiction and constitution of Pakistan and its laws.
Pakistan is violating all human rights obligations and wants to permanently occupy this region by plundering its resources itself as well as by giving major share to China with impunity. Balawaristan is an important area of disputed Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) because it borders with China, Afghanistan, Central Asia (Tajikistan and Uzbekistan etc) and India. Pakistan had given the lease of about 40 km area of village Gindayi, Tehsil Yasen, District Ghezer of copper, gold and other precious mines including uranium to a Chinese company without the consultation of the owners. This is disputed part of Jammu & Kashmir whose fate is still to be decided between India and Pakistan. This case is pending in United Nations (UNCIP) since 13th August 1948.
Later, local people had raised objection to the Chinese company on 13th July, 2008 and dislodged Chinese items from the mines area. The government registered cases against the local people to appease Chinese government. Local people had got bail before arrest from the court, but Mr Inyatur Rahman, Sessions Judge of Gakoch, cancelled their bail because of the pressure of government of Pakistan.
The father of the said judge is speaker of the so-called Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) which has no power even like any municipal corporation of a city. The NALA and its speaker can be dissolved any time without giving notice by the Ministry of Kashmir and Northern Areas Affairs (KANA). Jahandar Shah, son of Badal Shah, 70, was injured on July 19, 2008, when police fired on the peaceful unarmed local protestors.
The government of Pakistan wants to give as many areas to China as it can before the settlement of J&K issue. The following have been arrested on 19th August 2008 and being tortured in police torture cells in Gakoch and Singul district Ghazer.
1. Ashraf s/o Ajab Khan
2. Daulat Shah S/o Faqeer Shah, 30,
3. Jahandar Shah S/o Badal Shah, 70, (injured)
4. Johar s/o Sharif Khan
5. Mir Zaman s/o Mohd Madad Shah, 18,
6. Mirza wali (Pahlten) S/o Adina Khan, 45 years
7. Mohammad Hakeem s/o Adina Khan
8. Mohammad Kareem S/o Baba, 42 years.
9. Mohammad Kareem S/o Niamat Khan, 35 years.
10. Mohammad Nazar Khan s/o Toman, 38, 11. Mohd Qadir S/o Takbir
Aman Shah, 47, (teacher)
12. Mohd Wali S/o Adina Khan, 42,
13. Mohd Zaheer Khan S/o Nazir (village chief)
14. Mujahid Hussain S/ Sikandar Khan, 45,
15. Rehmat Wali s/o Yousuf Ali Khan
16. Sakhi Madad S/o Yardat, 32,
17. Sher Nadir Sher Azam Khan, 45,
18. Sher Qayoom s/o Juma Khan
19. Sher Wali (Goojoor bai) S/o Zareen Khan
20. Usman S/o Ibadat Shah 33 years,
21. Wazir Khan s/o Ayar Khan,
22. Yousaf S/o Sher Balang 35,
We appeal to the world community to persuade China not to involve itself in the occupation process of Pakistan by taking lease of the mountains (like in Yasin for copper, gold and uranium mines etc), by constructing railway lines and dams to change its environment, demography and geography.
We appeal to UNO, USA and European Union to press Pakistan to withdraw its troops and citizens, according UNCIP resolution of 13 August 1947, 5 Jan 1949 and 28 April 1949 truce terms. Violations of state subject rule should be declared as null and void and violators/settlers should be sent back to their own country.
The two million indigenous people of this disputed land are on the verge of destruction due to onslaught of outsiders.
Democratic world should also put pressure on Pakistan to withdraw its forces and to dismantle terrorist network and facilitate in deployment of forces of international community to pave the way for fair and impartial election for a constitutional assembly which could decide the fate of
Gilgit-Baltistan in the context of Jammu & Kashmir issue according to the UNCIP.


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