NALA come hard on Northern Areas chief executive, advisers

NALA come hard on Northern Areas chief executive, advisers

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar August 23—August 29,2008

By A Reporter

GILGIT: Members of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, both treasury and the opposition, criticised the performance of Chief Executive Ghazanfar Ali Khan and six advisers during the session of the house here on Tuesday.
Speaker Malik Mohammad Miskeen asked the chairmen of four committees who were supposed to present their reports on four draft acts approved by NALA but returned by Kashmir Affairs Division with observations.
However, law adviser Haji Abdul Qudoos apologised that he was not prepared to present the revised draft act and sought more time.
Ibrahim Sanai also expressed his inability to present the revised draft. This infuriated the members.
Nasrullah on a point of order said repeated delay in presenting the revised acts was earning a bad name for the house.
Engineer Mohammad Ismail said the poor performance of the chief executive and the advisers was tarnishing the image of the region besides rendering the assembly ineffective.
Mohammad Aslam took up the matter of transfer of doctors from Gilgit to Chilas and said the adviser on health was taking the matter personally. However, the adviser said after appointment, the doctors should serve in the far-off areas but unfortunately they hesitated to do so.
The speaker directed the chief executive to play his role and deal with the issue judiciously in consensus with all the districts.
The speaker asked Hafeezur Rehman as to why a name had not so far been finalised for the region and why the committee had not submitted its recommendations within the stipulated time.
Mr Hafiz said so far the committee had not reached a consensus over the name. He sought permission to present two or three names in the house so that any one of them could be agreed upon.
Mirza Hussain said people of Gilgit-Baltistan were being treated like slaves by the officials of the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas.
He said collective efforts were needed to achieve the rights of the area.


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