Govt teachers losing image

Govt teachers losing image

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Karachi Saturday, September 6——-September 12, 2008

By Our Correspondent

Teachers were considered architects of a nation in the past but now teachers in government educational institutions are losing their image due to lack of interest in their work, said Ahmad Khan, Special Secretary of Education NWFP, in a certificate distribution ceremony at Professional Development Center (PDC) Chitral, a branch of Aga Khan University.
He said the provincial government was spending a huge amount on education but even then most government schoolteachers send their children to private schools because government schools lack quality education.
Greed for money badly affects teaches who are taking no interest in teaching. He stressed upon the teachers to restore their image by hard working and taking keen interest in their profession.
He said there are so many countries that came into being after independence of Pakistan but they are now developed nations despite having not so many natural resources as compared to Pakistan. But Pakistan is still an under-developed country because of low literacy ratio.Dr Mir Afzal Khan Tajik, Assistant Professor and Head of PDC Chitral, said in the past teachers of government schools were not allowed to get training at the PDC.
He said we mostly focus on teachers’ training especially those from govt schools to enhance their teaching skill.
He said PDC has so far trained 457 male and 1,027 female teachers in formal education, health education etc. Mehrab Wali Shah, In-Charge Head Master of GHS Rech, said after completion of training he was feeling great changes in his practical and teaching life.


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