Gemstone cutting course ends

Gemstone cutting course ends

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar August 23—August 29,2008

By Our Correspondent

CHITRAL: Exploitation of Chitral’s tremendous potential of marble and gemstones can bring about prosperity and provide jobs to thousands of unemployed youth, says regional programme manager of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) Engineer Sardar Ayub.
Addressing a certificate-awarding ceremony at the end of a three-week workshop on ‘gemstone cutting and carving’ here on Saturday, he said the deposits of marble in the district were of superb quality and in great demand in the market.
He said no serious and concerted efforts had been made to exploit these resources due to the backwardness of the area and poverty of the people. He stressed on launching a comprehensive programme to initiate multi-dimensional work on development of the resources.
Mr Ayub said at the first rung of the programme, extensive training must be imparted to the people associated with the business, adding the AKRSP would provide all possible help in this regard.

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