Cracks in bridge: traffic diverted to Jalalabad road

Cracks in bridge: traffic diverted to Jalalabad road

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Karachi Saturday, August 16—-August 22, 2008
By A Correspondent

GILGIT: Chief Secretary Northern Areas Babar Fateh Mohammd has directed the Public Works Department to restore the old Jalalabad-Chamogarh Road to divert traffic from the ‘China pul’ on Gilgit river after one of its pillars developed cracks and was about to collapse.
Deputy Commissioner Gilgit Mohammad Usman Younus said the feasibility of restoration of the old road had been carried out overnight and work would start on the project soon.
He said traffic would be linked with Alam Bridge and the road would be expanded as well.
In reply to a question what steps would be taken to transport the heavy machinery of Chinese engineers engaged in the expansion of the KKH as the road restoration might take a long time, the official said since the Chinese engineers would start work on the highway initially between Gilgit and Hunza there was no problem.
“The only problem we may face is how to transport the heavy machinery to Alam Bridge and that’s why the road is being restored.”
Mr Younus said the PWD authorities had assured him that the road would be ready for all kinds of traffic within 20 days.
Meanwhile, light traffic was diverted to Nomal on an emergency basis to ensure smooth flow of traffic on the KKH.
Traffic was also diverted to River View Road to cross Chinar Bagh bridges via Nomal to rejoin the KKH near Rahimabad.


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