Movement baffles govt

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday, August 9—-August 15, 2008
Movement baffles govt Operation against nationalists on cards
By Our Correspondent
SKARDU: There has been a gradual increase and intensity in the written, spoken and peaceful struggle of nationalist forces in Gilgit-Baltistan for the last a few years. Since the establishment of the Gigit-Baltistan Democratic Alliance, the nationalist forces have held mammoth public gatherings in all parts of the region. This has also sent a clear message to Islamabad that Pakistani rulers were responsible for keeping the two million people of Gigit-Baltistan deprived of all basic rights for the last over six decades.The intensity in the struggle of the nationalist forces also indicates that they have set out for attaining their only goal of independence for their area by burning all boats. The gradual increase in the participation of the masses in the public meetings of the nationalists shows that the movement is gaining steam. With this political development, the nationalist leaders have started receiving threatening SMSs for the last a few weeks. The gravity of the situation can be gauged by the contents of one such SMS which was sent to the nationalist leaders and activists in the region recently. The SMS says: “Gilgit-Baltistan declares independence, security put on high alert; the administration decides to launch operation against nationalist forces in Gilgit-Baltistan.” It is hoped that the SMS is a hoax. Otherwise the situation in the region should be very clear for all of us. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan want the administration to make public the actual story behind the SMS. It is said that some elements in the area are pressuring the local administration to launch an operation against the nationalist forces of Gigit-Baltistan. In this regard, a list of such activists and leaders is being prepared containing the names of Col Nadir Hasan, Ghulam Shahzad Agha, Manzoor Parwana, Burhanullah, Iqbal Advocate, Engineer Amanullah, Shafqatul Inqilabi, Baba Jan and Ehsan Advocate. Cases against some of them have already been registered.However, if an operation is launched against the nationalists it would give them more popularity besides creating public sympathy for them. It is hoped that the local administration will not commit such a blunder and if on the pressure of security agencies it decides to launch an operation its consequences would engulf the region and the government would be repenting on its move.

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