Shaheed Lalek Jan’s village cries for basic facilities

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Karachi Satuarday, August 2—–August 2008

By Our Correspondent
YASEN: The proud native village of Lalek Jan Shaheed, Nishan-i-Haider, still remains deprived of basic necessities of life thanks to the apathy of the government and the elected representatives of the area.A visit to the Hondur village shows that the government has failed to honour the sacrifices rendered by the brave sons of the soil for the defence of the motherland. High ranking civilian and military officials regularly come to the mausoleum of Lalek Jan but they have so far ignored the sufferings of the locals. Talking to Bang-i-Shara’s correspondent, Nambardar Maqsad Ali Khan, members Union Council; Zarawar Khan, Shakor Khan; former UC chairman Shikrat Ali Shah, Master Ali Madad Shah, Mohammad Nabi, Mirza Wali, Shakor Ali Khan, Gul Sambar Khan and Dinar Khan said a dispensary after the name of Shaheed Lalek Jan had been set up for Hondur and Salgan, which has a population of over 35,000. But the dispensary has still not been provided with necessary facilities due to the discriminatory policies of the local health department. They said a medical officer has been appointed in the centre but he most of the time remains absent. Besides, no dispenser has been appointed and the post still lies vacant. Due to the policies of the district health officer Ghizer, the people of Hondur are facing the absence of basic health facilities. They said non-appointment of staff and non-provision of supplies to the health facility showed that the Ghizer health department officials had no regards for the sufferings of the people. They said despite complaints and reminders lodged with the government on a number of occasions, no steps have been taken to resolve the issue. They said Northern Areas adviser for health during a visit to the dispensary had made tall claims about provision of all facilities and staff to the centre, but his promises also remained unfulfilled.They said the project of Lalek Jan Public School also remained in the doldrums as despite passage of many years the school building has not been completed neither trained teachers have been appointed. At present, a few teachers are handling hundreds of students in the school. The school is still without a laboratory and library. The school should have been upgraded but the project has also fell prey to the apathy of the education department authorities.As the area faces shortage of health care facilities, no steps have been taken to set up a free medical camp in the area despite the fact the Pakistan Army has established a number of free medical camps in other areas of the region. They said the village of Shaheed Lalek Jan has also been ignored in this regard.Moreover, the people of Hondur are facing shortage of wheat. The under-construction wheat godown in Hondur remains incomplete due to shortage of funds. The walls of the gowdown had been raised by the contractor himself but the government has still not provided funds for completion of its roof. A villager had provided land for the construction of the gowdown in the hope that he would be provided a job, but he also runs from pillar to post now since then.


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