Power outage: Protesters baton-charged in Chitral

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Karachi Saturday, July 5—July 11, 2008
By our correspondent
CHITRAL: Angry protesters on Tuesday forced the local businessmen to close their shops and blocked roads for more than seven hours while protesting against frequent power outages in the city.The local police had to resort to baton-charge and shelling to disperse the angry mob, however, there was no report of any casualty.Passengers could not travel to Peshawar and upper parts of the district and Lotkoh valley as roads were blocked by the protesters.They were chanting slogans against the elected representatives of the district for their failure to solve the issue of electricity. Police used batons and teargas to disperse the angry mob at Chew Bridge. The protesters in Jughoor and Goldoor Chowk dispersed peacefully when the district nazim and district coordination officer assured them of solution of the ongoing loadshedding.Chitral DPO Sher Akbartold media that a number of activists had been arrested by the police who wereinvolved in enticing the people to the mob and tried to inflict loss to private and public properties.He said that criminal cases were being registered against protesters.On the occasion, the bazaars wore a deserted look as the shopkeepers pulled shutters of their shops down due to fear of the angry mob.

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