Misbehaviour of cops with journalist condemned

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Karachi Saturday, July 5—July 11, 2008
GILGIT: Complaining of indecent attitude of some officials of the local police, the Gilgit Press Club and Gilgit Union of Journalists have demanded the inspector general of police of Northern Areas to direct the police to change their attitude towards local journalists.In a joint statement issued here, the two organizations of journalists warned that otherwise the journalist community would be compelled to boycott the functions of the police and stop coverage of police activities in the media. Referring to an incident wherein a policeman posted at the gate of AGPR Gilgit misbehaved with a local journalist, Khalid Hussain, the other day, they said the contemptuous remarks of the policeman were condemnable. They pointed out that the Gilgit and Ghizer-based journalists were subjected to torture by police in the past as well and there had been no change in the misbehaviour of policemen with journalists.The two organizations said that the local policemen were crossing the all the limits of decency and politeness, which was not a good sign for any society. They warned that flouting of the sacredness of the profession of journalism would not be tolerated at any cost.The two organizations demanded the Northern Areas chief secretary and inspector general of police to take notice of the police torture and misbehaviour with journalists. They said that the policemen involved in such incidents should be dismissed because they were bringing bad name to the whole police department.—Correspondent

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