Unity for self-serving Cause

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday,June 28—-July 4, 2008
By Mumtaz Khan
The unity of hurrayt groups is in the headlines and on the net as if their division was the only obstacle in the freedom of Kashmir. Many people laud this reunion of these two estranged groups as they are the icon of Azadi and enjoy the mass support from valley to Ladakh and to Gilgit Baltistan. The two estranged groups were politically marginalized and moralized for last one year since Mushraf was sidelined after Feb 18, elections and Pakistan’s internal political crisis have put the Kashmir back burner where their mentor ISI and Mushraf are equally facing huge credibility deficit within Pakistan. The internal Pakistan crisis and insurgency in the Waziristan has caused serious losses to Pakistan military but politically anti-military and ISI sentiments are on rise that sidelined put these pro-Pakistan hurryat groups politically. In order to neutralize this growing isolation Hurryat groups had no strategy except to visit Pakistan and to meet new political leadership which now is on the driving seat. But last eight year these groups failed to recognize the political contribution of these two major political leadership for Pakistan and Kashmir and were lauding Msuhraf policies on Kashmir. Only Gilani became critical to the Mushraf policies when they rebaptised the defector Ansari group after meeting with New Delhi without their permission. Gilani was not taken into confidence when the embraced the Mirwaz group and as result of that Gilani chose to attack Msuhraf policies to prove his credibility.
But these two estranged groups have been beneficiary from Pakistan despite Gilani’s apparent opposition to Islamabad policies. While Mirwaz group and other outside the hurryat have been beneficiary from both establishments despite their political statements and stances they are publicly posturing.
But growing political isolation of these groups within valley in last one year and also rapidly changing Pakistan’s politics have seriously panicked these estranged groups for their political relevance. They were in search of any such opportunity to join each other at least to overcome the growing isolation and made themselves relevant to the present political scenario.
Finally, Indian government tried to rescue them by creating the controversy of Amaranth Yatra land where they rushed to make joint declaration against the Governor announcement. Irrespective of that whether his decision was right or wrong, the point is why these groups couldn’t med their fences, which according to them for greater cause”Kashmir freedom, before the Yatra controversy. Indeed, Indian government has come to their rescue to provide them some issue to attract public attention which they have lost and completely isolated. Some groups in overseas also appreciated this change and attribute it to the great service to the freedom, but in fact they themselves were facing isolation after Feb 18, elections where their mentors in Pakistan are under serious pressure over the unpredictable politics which direction it may go and who will prevail. So their celebration can be seen in their salvation and believe that unity might make them again relevant in Pakistan’s new political change.

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