Natco refuses to restore union

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday,June 28—-July 4, 2008
By A Correspondent

GILGIT: The management of Northern Areas Transport Corporation (Natco) has turned down once again the longstanding demand of its employees regarding the restoration of employees’ union and said the special status of the area does not permit labour unions.
“The government has to see if unions are to be restored as the labour act which provides shelter to such unions is not extended to the area,” Managing Director Natco, Zafar Iqbal told this correspondent.
He said existence of union in NATCO was out of question until and unless the law is extended.
Earlier, the workers of NATCO reaffirmed their resolve to go to all out for the restoration of union which would protect their rights and they cited the directives of Prime Minister in connection with restoration of trade unions throughout country.
“Why are we being kept deprived of this privilege despite clear-cut directives of Prime Minister while on the other hand whole country enjoys the provision of unions,” a worker said.
The management sounded firm in its stance and said no body is allowed to indulge in any activity in the name of union and government will see whether the unions should be restored.
“Government would consider their case under the rules” but for allowing unions the Labour Act will have to be extended to Northern Areas,” an absolute Zafar Iqbal told Bang-e-Sahar.
In early eighties the Natco union was active and played a role in the management-employees affairs but later on the management clamped a ban on union and its activities were prohibited.


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