Govt urged to withdraw cases against nationalist leader

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday,June 28—-July 4, 2008

By our correspondent
GILGIT: The nationalist leader of Gilgit-Baltistan and chairman of Balawaristan National Front, Abdul Hameed Khan, should be allowed to honourably return to the country.
“Abdul Hameed Khan should be granted unconditional reprieve just like the government has offered unconditional amnesty to the nationalist leaders of Balochistan,” said Subedar (Retd) Mataib Shah, renowned social figure and president of Yasin Society, in a special talk with ‘Bang-e-Sahar’.
Subedar (Retd) Mataib Shah said that Abdul Hameed Khan is a son of the soil of Gilgit-Baltistan and has committed any crime except opting to live in exile for the cause of his nation.
He said that the charges levelled and cases registered against Abdul Hameed Khan should be withdrawn and he should be allowed to stage a comeback respectably just like the nationalist leaders of Balochistan have been pardoned unconditionally.
The president of the Yasin Society said that Abdul Hameed Khan is working for the national identity and recognition and has so far taken no step on the basis of which he could be compelled to live in exile.He pointed out that some people have been working against the solidarity of the country despite being its citizens and are today roaming free so a nationalist leader like Abdul Hameed Khan is being punished for the sins he did not commit.


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