Ex-general’s interview


Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday, June 7—-June 13, 2008
Ex-general’s interviewNawaz renews Kargilprobe demand
By Our Correspondent
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML_N) Quaid and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said in light of the recent interview of ex-corps commander Rawalpindi Lt-Gen (retired) Jamshed Gulzar Kayani, an enquiry commission should be formed to expose those behind the Kargil misadventure. He said since day one, he had been telling the nation that before launching of the Kargil operation, he was not taken into confidence by the generals. “Today by the grace of God, my innocence has been vindicated and former army generals themselves have started to speak against the operation and in support of my innocence,” he said while referring to Gen Kayani’s in interview to a private TV channel. In the interview, the former general had said Kargil was a failed operation and Nawaz Sharif should have been briefed thoroughly about the operation and its fallouts. But, unfortunately, it was not done. Kargil operation became the core issue that created the rift between Nawaz and Musharraf, he said, adding the justification Musharraf gave in his book ‘In the Line of Fire’ was also unreasonable. Mr Sharif said the former general has spoken the truth and told the nation what was the reality of the Kargil operation, saying he was never briefed or informed about the Kargil misadventure. He said he did whatever he could as the prime minister of the country to protect the dignity and integrity of the army. He said whatever Musharraf had done in Kargil was a blunder and the facts behind the fiasco should be made public. He said his persistent demand for setting up of a commission on the Kargil operation was justified in light of revelations being made by retired army officers who were on key positions at the time of the operation. It may be recalled that Mr Sharif had been in the forefront in demanding a thorough investigation into the incident, in which hundreds of army troops most of the NLI personnel were killed, after his government was overthrown in 1999 and also during his exile in Saudi Arabia and London. It is unfortunate that hundreds of NLI personnel were sent to Kargil disguised as Kashmiri Mujahideen to fight the well-equipped and mighty Indian army. These poorly armed young men were even not provided proper ration during the war and when they sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, Pakistan even refused to accept their dead bodies in the fear that its involvement in the operation would be exposed to the world. We have also been stressing the need to form an inquiry commission on the issue, because bodies of hundreds of NLI personnel killed during the war have been buried on Kargil mountain after Pakistan’s refusal to accept them. It necessary the new government took the initiative to make the facts public and punish the responsible. Bereaved families of hundreds of NLI personnel killed during the war have the right to receive the bodies of their near and dear ones and bury them in accordance with their rituals.

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