Boy scouts walk from Gulmit to Gilgit


Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday, June 7—-June 13, 2008

HUNZA: The Ismaili Boy Scouts held a six-day adventure and environment walk from Gulmit, Gojal to Gilgit city along the historical pony track. The walk is organized by Gulmit Boy Scouts Group to celebrate the 100 years of world scouting and commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan. A mega event was organised on the premises of F.G. Boys High School Gulmit to open the walk and give farewell to the scouts. A large number of scouts, community notables and parents participated the event. The speakers said scouting is playing the role of a nursery organisation in producing dynamic leaders for civil society. About 55 scouts aged between 17 and 25 years from different villages will walk on the over 170km-long track to reach Gilgit city. The scouts will camp and held gatherings with elders and youth in Ahmedabad, Murtazabad, Hussainabad and Nomal villages to exchange historical experiences and oral traditions about hardships and difficulties in travelling and communication in the region. The scouts will also participate in the activities of world environment day and create awareness about AIDS, drug abuses and other issues. This historical pony track was constructed during 1897-1901 after the Hunza state fell under the British rule in December 1891. The track improved travelling to these lonely mountain gorges and the traditions hidden in these valleys for centuries was exposed to external world. Later, the construction of a jeepable road during 1957 and KKH during 1978 connected the region with other parts of the world.


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