A straw in the wind

weekly bang-e-sahar saturday june 14 – 20June 2008
The people of Gilgit-Baltistan are still unable to understand why they have been given a powerless organization in the name of the legislative assembly. A majority of the public now very well understands that they are part of a slave nation and the main reason for this is that those at the helms of affairs are so opportunist and senseless that they take side with the rulers at a very low bidding. The worth or need of this powerless assembly is limited to the fact that that its members receive their masters at the local airports with bouquets of flowers whenever they wish to visit the region. Moreover, the rulers also want to deal with its subject through these local assembly members without directly coming into contact with them. In return, these so-called members of the so-called assembly are given perks and privileges as they deserved. These members are made to realize that they are the rulers of their people, but their own rulers sit in Islamabad. Their extra privileges are development projects’ contracts worth a few thousands rupees plus employments for their near and dear ones. The functions and responsibilities of these members have been confined to give interviews to the media, attend official functions as chief guests, etc. Unfortunately, these members are seen all the day long standing outside the offices of secretaries, deputy secretaries, as well as lowly officials of the PWD. If you check the records of the so-called legislative assembly, you will never see any tangible work. Its meetings are filled with complaints and counter complaints about lack of powers besides criticizing each others. This further perplexes the educated people of the region.However, there is nothing to surprise. In the life of subjugated people such occurrences are a routine. The eagles of independence can only fly high in the sky as is done in Gilgit-Pakistan. It is certain that due to carelessness of Islamabad and the people of Pakistan, the day is not far away when the region would get what its people have been looking for. Public opinion in this regard is changing very fast. Whether the people of Gilgit-Baltistan want independence or not, circumstances are pushing them towards that direction. Expectations pinned in the new PPP-led governments have already gone up in smoke. The PPP Gilgit-Baltistan chapter’s president Syed Jafar Shah himself has informed the top party leadership that if the new government failed to give the people their due rights federalist forces would be weakened giving way to nationalist parties. However, irrespective of Mr Shah’s warning, the PPP government has no time even to get its own house in order. Besides, past experience particularly that of the ‘70s testifies that Islamabad is not concerned with anybody and remains complacent as ever before. It has even no idea that the situation is getting out of its control.

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