PPP leader slams constitutional package for excluding N.As

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday, May 31—–June 6, 2008
By Our Correspondent
GILGIT: President Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Northern Areas Syed Jafar Shah Advocate lodged protest at the Central Executive Committee meeting of the PPP for ignoring Gilgit-Baltistan in the proposed constitutional package.Sources told Bang-e-Sahar that Mr Jafar during the executive meeting of the PPP in Islamabad told the participants that 61 years ago we got Gilgit-Baltistan freed but we are still being deprived of our basic constitutional and political rights. He said in the Charter of Democracy both the PPP and the PML-N had promised to give the area its due political and constitutional rights but the proposed package of the PPP is silent over the issue. He told the meeting that the people of the region maintained patience for the last over 61 years but now their patience was running out and the area was facing a situation of restlessness. He said his area had nothing to do with the Kashmir dispute and, therefore, an article for making the area the fifth province of Pakistan should be included in the proposed constitutional package. If there is any lacuna in giving provincial status to the region, an AJK-type of setup should be the alternative option, Mr Jafar added. Sources said one of the participants of the meeting, Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali, fully supported the views of Mr Jafar and said injustices have been done with the people of Northern Areas and it was right time to give the area an AJK-type of setup without further delay. Another participant, Makhdoom Jamiluz Zaman, the son of Makhdoom Amin Fahim, said 61-year-long injustices with the area people should come to an end and they should be given their due rights. According to the sources, PPP chairperson Asif Ali Zardari remained busy taking notes of the speeches but did not express his opinion on the occasion.


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