Pak-India talks ,APNA decisions impllement

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday, May 31—–June 6, 2008
Rawalpindi: Secretary general All Parties National Alliance (APNA) Arif Shahid has welcomed the recent meeting between foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan and demanded implementation of their decisions. He said decision regarding a truck service between Srinagar-Muzaffarabad and Poonch-Rawalakot has not yet been implemented despite elapse of a long time, which is deplorable. He demanded that Kargil-Skardu and Astore-Valley roads should also be opened forthwith, and people should be allowed to meet each other without creating obstacles by making the procedure easier. It is necessary, he said, for the restrictions of last 60 years have created lot of reservations and led to awe and fear in the people, and they need full and long respite now. He opined that the rulers of India and Pakistan would not be able to exploit Kashmiris on the pretext of our differences with each other. “We should be allowed to meet each other without restrictions so that we could see hell and heaven on either side before deciding our future.” He declared that whatever the case, we would decide ourselves whether we like to live together or separately, and shall not give this right to Delhi or Islamabad. “We are certain that unless decisions are made in the light of ground realities, there won’t be durable peace in the Subcontinent. We are in favour of good relations between India and Pakistan but these should not be established at the cost of national question of people of Jammu Kashmir.” He advised those who had been hell-bent on one particular point in the past that they should see things in current perspective, so that the imminent economical crisis could be averted MEETING: The alliance of nationalist groups and parties of BJK – All Parties National Alliance (APNA), held an important meeting which was presided by its chairman Farooq Niazi, and was conducted by Mr Arif Shahid, its secretary general. Others who attended the meeting were Mirza Wajahat Hassan Khan, Ali Ahmed Jan and Hassan Jehangir from Gilgit-Baltistan, and Prof MARK Khaleeque, Sardar Mushtaq and some others from Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The meeting deliberated over the local, national and international situation and concluded that all the major problems of the day were due to the uni-polar world in which a single superpower was trying to establish its upper hand and hegemony over whole of the world. The meeting further concluded that unless a multi-polar world was brought into being, these problems would remain, rather would continue to increase. In the perspective of Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan, India and South Asia as a whole, the meeting emphasized that all the chronic and long pending disputes of the region should be resolved peacefully through negotiations and dialogue, so that all the countries of the region could come closer to each other and could unconditionally cooperate to eliminate the poverty, illiteracy and backwardness to raise the quality of life of the billions and billions of the people.


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