Bid to create sectarian tension—Distribution of hate material condemned

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday, May 31—–June 6, 2008

Bureau Report
Gilgit: A conspiracy to once again fan sectarian violence in Gilgit, the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan, has been started to sabotage peace and tranquility of the region. This was alleged by Gilgit Chamber of Commerce vice-president Haji Abid Ali Baig, member union council Iqbal Rasool and People’s Students Federation Gilgit president Shahzad Noori in a joint statement here. They said a group of conspirators and anti-social elements were active to spread sectarian clashes in the region by using different tactics. However, they expressed the surprise that in spite of presence of a horde of security agencies and law-enforcement personnel, none of the alleged accused had been arrested. They said the elements hell-bent on destroying peace of the area had been distributing hate material in different areas of the city besides resorting to wall-chalking in the city at night to create sectarian violence. They said religious scholars from both schools of thought have also condemned such anti-social elements and called upon all religious leaders and the public at large to join hands to foil such conspiracies for good. They called upon the local administration to play its role in eliminating such elements and exposing their conspiracies in order to maintain peace in the area. They said at a time when tourists had started moving to the Northern Areas, the efforts to create law and order situation in the area under the garb of sectarian tension seemed to be a handiwork of some powerful anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan forces. Meanwhile, in their statements, Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam Northern Areas general secretary Maulana Attaullah Shahab and Khateeb of Moti Masjid Gilgit Maulana Khalil Ahmed Qasmi have also condemned distribution of hate pamphlets in the city. They appealed to Ulema of all schools of thought to foil the conspiracies in a united way and promote brotherhood among people belonging to all schools of thought. They said due to collective efforts, peace had been maintained in Gilgit-Baltistan but the anti-social forces were once again out to sabotage the peace of the area. They, however, vowed to foil the designs of such forces by maintaining unity among their ranks and educating the public about such conspiracies.


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