Security for engineers Irregularity in hiring of staff alleged

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday May 24—-30,2008

By Our Correspondent
GILGIT: Former member District Council Gilgit and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Northern Areas chapterleader Tariq Munir has said a travesty of justice has been made n the recent appointment of security staff for Chinese engineers. He alleged that the selection committee did not takeinto account the criteria set for the selection and appointed people on the basis of favouritism without any regard to merit.He said people who were arranged to sit for the physical and written test were different from those actually appointed for the jobs. He claimed that scores of affected people had contacted him and complained about the irregularity in the selection process. Mr Munir called upon the federal minister for Kashmir affairs and Northern Areas Qamaruz Zaman Kaira to order the re-conduct of the test and interview under the Northern Areas Scouts in order to provide justice to the deserving applicants.

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