Renaming NWFP

Weekly Bang-e-sahar karachi Saturday, May 24—–30, 2008

This is apropos of Suhrab Rehmat’s letter, “Renaming NWFP” (April 28), in which he beautifully tried to brief the proponents of naming NWFP on ethnic basis. He rightly stated that naming of any region on ethnic basis will always create unending problems not only for the region concerned but for the whole country of which it is a part. For further persuasion of the proponents renaming NWFP the following points should also be discussed. First this decision cannot be taken peacefully because all the ethnic groups in NWFP are opposing it no matter they form less than 50% of the population. If it is taken forcefully it will definitely backfire. As a result, rebellion will erupt which will surely destroy the roots of social fabric and society as a whole.While considering the renaming of NWFP one cannot ignore the similarity of Northern Areas with it, it will be more appropriate to say that Northern Areas needs much consideration if renaming to region on ethnicity is required. Because Northern Area is very ambiguous name not clearly defining even the location. By name it includes Chitral, Swat, Dir, Kohistan(lie in north of Pakistan) but in reality it only includes Gilgit and Baltistan. If the inhabitants of this region are satisfied with such ambiguous name, then why Pakhtoons are quarrelling with such issue? Now with these threats relating to the renaming, if the demand of Pakhtoons is accepted and a decision is made against the sentiments of other ethnic groups, then the government must also be ready to face the music in the form of an ethnic crisis. Now it is up to the political elites of our country to ponder over the matter. We are fed up with the politics of dichotomy and confrontation. We have to ensure thepublic consensus before any step is taken on a higher level.—Ahmed Khan Gilgiti


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