Bunji lacks basic facilities

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday May 24—-30,2008

By Our Correspondent
Islamabad: The town of Bunji is till deprived of basic necessities of life even in the 21st century thanks to apathy of the authorities concerned who have failed to take any viable measure for the progress of the area. The recent electricity crisis has even further worsen the situation and created a sense of frustration and despair among the people. These views were expressed by PML-N Northern Areas deputy general secretary Tahir Ayub while talking to Bang-e-Sahar here. He expressed the hope that after completion of the under-construction 5,400 MW power house at Bunji, the area would see a new era of progress as the power generated in the area would not only cater to the local needs but would also be provided to other parts of the country. He said people of Balochistan had risen in revolt against the state because outsiders had got control on their resources keeping them of all the facilities. He said gas supplied from Sui was provided to all parts of the country but people in that area still remained without the facility. This is injustice and the state is responsible for it. The PML-N leader said the same treatment was being meted out to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan for the last over 60 years. The government, he added, had failed to devise any policy to end the deprivation of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. He said if the rulers failed to change their attitude and did not find suitable solution to the problems it would be harmful for the whole country.


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