Water at Sadpara Dam falls to dead level

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday, May 17—-23, 2008
By Our Correspondent
SKARDU: The water level at the Sadpara dam has decreased to dead level and the locals are bracing for a water crisis. However, the authorities of Wapda, PWD and the local administration seem to be a silent spectator to the issue and have failed to take measures to meet the situation.
If urgent steps are not taken to supply more water to the dam, the Skardu town will be without even drinking water within a couple of days. Elder people of the area say they had never seen the water level going down to such a low level in the dam. They said the rationale behind the construction of the dam was beyond their understanding. Before the dam’s construction the Sadpara Lake never remained short of water and there was no shortage of water in the town. However, when the government turned the lake into a dam, the crisis started and now they were at the brink of a water crisis.
They also said that the problem had started after the administration of the water body was handed over to Wapda from the earlier lake committee which used to run the affairs of the lake judiciously. They pointed out that there was a shortage of staff in the dam and Wapda authorities lacked proper information about irrigation dynamics and requirements of Skardu.
The area people called upon President Pervez Musharraf to include the dam in the Shatoland canal project and take measures to end the water crisis in the area.


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