To the point

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday, May 17—-23, 2008
To the point: Chaudhry
Afzal Siraj
Well known Urdu poet Jigar in one of his couplets says,” If he reduces himself (making wrong choices) man is nothing but a handful of dust. If he rises himself by faith and action, the two worlds; this and the next cannot contain him.”
Body system of human being is so complicated and well organized that whole life of a person is insufficient to study and understand it. Since Adam’s age man is trying to understand his six feet body but still he has not completed the journey of discovering this extra ordinary machine. Doctors and medical scientists are conducting research by day and night to combat the diseases. Our body is a universe in itself. It is composed of trillions of cells. Each cell is composed of numerous organelles, which perform different functions. A single nucleus located in the centre controls all the activities of cell. Cells combine to form tissues and tissues make organs. Organs combine to give organ system. Different organ systems unanimously form an organism.Therefore, Hazrat Ali (may God be pleased to him) has narrated that one who knew himself he knew the God.
This complex and extra ordinary machine is controlled by the brain. If the brain is diseased, the whole body system is affected. Psychological diseases are more common now a day. There are various causes of psychological diseases. Causes of mental anomalies can be pathological or physiological.Stress, depression and tension are the major causes of psychological diseases.
Only your physician can tell what the exact cause is. The attitude of people especially uneducated and from backward areas is very disappointing towards mental sickness. They make mentally sick person a ghost, take him to the quacks, and so called mahir-e-amliat (Jin specialists). This provide a golden chance to these quacks to earn money.
They loot these innocent people.The conditions of the patients become worse. They come to the hospital when half the battle is lost. I wonder people still trust them. Medical science has progressed to its peak. From minor surgeries to heart transplantation and brain tumors, nothing is beyond the reach of medical technology. Last year my father’s cousin got mental sickness.
They took him to a person who was thought to be expert in treating aasaibs.He diagnosed that eight Jins have been associated with him. He treated him for five days. His method of treatment was very strange. He used to place very hot sticks in the gaps of hand and foot fingers and pressed them with full force.
The patient use to cry and become unconscious. This play to torture Jin continued for five days. After five days failed to overcome him.Atlast, he referred him to another Jin specialist. For twenty days different Jin specialists treated him but all in vain. At last, he was brought to the hospital where he was treated for mental sickness. This is not the story of a single person. It represents the whole society. In our society, no proper attention is given to mentally sick people. If a person gets mental sickness, the attitude of the people of our society makes it more aggravate. We mock them up and children stone them in the streets.
The remaining fraction is made by taking them to pirs instead of qualified physicians. These so-called pirs have their eyes on the pockets of the patients. Awareness about mental sickness and psychological diseases is necessary. Majority of people in our society have superstitious beliefs so they are easy prey to these fake pirs and quacks. It is the responsibility of educated people, NGO`s and doctors especially to produce awareness in masses. Government particularly health department should arrange seminars on psychological diseases which are the major causes of tremendously increasing suicide rate. People should change their attitude toward mental sickness which is spreading in Northern Areas as an epidemic. The writer is from Gilgit and medical student at AMC Abbottabad.Forcomments


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