New name,,,,Draft still not tabled in assembly

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday, May 17—-23, 2008
By Our Correspondent

GILGIT: The Northern Areas Legislative Assembly has failed to propose a new name for the region, and table the draft of tenancy law and local government act, showing the lack of interest on part of the advisers and standing committees in the working of the house.
The important drafts could not be presented in the assembly despite the fact that it held a number of sessions and thus wasted almost three years without producing any tangible results. However, when it comes to privileges and perks, millions of rupees of the national exchequers were spent by the members.
It may be recalled that the house had finalized the draft of the tenancy act and the local bodies act last year and sent it to the chairperson Northern Areas for final approval from where it was sent back to the assembly with some objections and modifications. But after passage of half a year, the draft could not be presented in the house again for which the advisers are being held responsible.
Similarly, the standing committee concerned has also failed to prepare a consensus draft on changing the name of the area due to which public confidence in the working of the house has eroded. Due to poor performance of the assembly members, public problems are also increasing day by day.
It may be noted that the legislative assembly first of all never pass any resolution but in case it pass one it is never given any consideration by the ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas in Islamabad.


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