Jan Mohammad Jamali says, Independent Kashmir not a threat to Pakistan

Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday, May 17—-23, 2008
By Ikram Bukhari
ISLAMABAD: Deputy Chairman Senate and former chief minister of Balochistan Jan Mohammad Khan Jamali has said the people of Kashmir should be given a chance to decide their future in accordance with their wishes. It would be much better if Kashmir was given the status of an independent state in order to keep its geographical unity intact.
Mr Jamali expressed these views in a special interview with Bang-e-Sahar at his Parliament House chamber. He said if Kashmir gets independence it would not harm the integrity and interest of Pakistan. Separation of Bangladesh, he observed, did no harm to Pakistan, rather Dhaka has always supported Pakistan in every international forum.
He said the issue of Kashmir has become very complicated and it could not be resolved in accordance with the wishes of the peoples of both India and Pakistan.
Neither the international forces are ready to give control of a united Kashmir to India or Pakistan. He further stressed that Kashmir belonged to the Kashmiris and only they have the right to determine its future. In reply to a question, Mr Jamali said it was not true that Pakistan would face a crisis of water shortage if Kashmir did not come under its control.
He said Pakistan has exclusive rights over the Indus while India controlled river Jhelum under the international law. None of the two countries can see progress without cooperating with each other, he added. In reply to another question, he said nationalists of Gilgit-Baltistan had committed no crime, adding nationalism is not a crime. They have the right to ask for their rights not only in their own areas but also in any part of the country.
People who want self-rule and control over their resources should not be condemned. He said people of Balochistan have faced the same problem and have not been given proper share in the resources of their area. Unless the natives of an area are given their due rights the concept of development cannot be materialized, he added. About the nationalists of Gilgit-Baltistan, Mr Jamali said he knew them very well. These people are a little bit emotional; I may differ with their modus operandi but have no differences with their points of view. He said nationalist forces in all parts of the country have always been subject to the might of the establishment.
He said the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) should equally be implemented in the country and the nationalist forces should also be given benefits of the law.


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