Call to save pay phone cos from bankruptcy

. Weekly Bang-e-Sahar Saturday, May 10—-May 16 ,2008

By Our Correspondent

    GILGIT: Pay phone companies have provided jobs to thousands of youth in Gilgit-Baltistan. Most importantly, two out of the four pay phone companies in the region are owned by residents of Gilgit.
   Two companies in the telecommunication sector – World Link and Z Tel  – have also provided job opportunities in other parts of the country. However, due to poor policies of the PTCL and SCO and lack of support on part of the ministry of telecommunication, millions of rupees invested by these companies are at stake. Besides, PCO operators are also facing the risk of losing their only source of income due to the crisis. In this regard, the companies concerned alleged that the PTCL and the SCO are putting unnecessary burden on them. They say due to the non-cooperative attitude of the authorities concerned they were at the brink of being defaulters.
   The companies asked the government to take steps to safeguard the interest of the phone companies and extend financial assistance to them from the universal funds, so that the economic future of thousands of families can be safeguarded.


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