Police accused of victimizing nationalists

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday, April 19—25, 2008



By Our Correspondent


   GHIZER: Nationalists encounter discrimination in government ofices in Ghizer. It is learnt that activists and leaders of BNF & BNSO are discriminated against in the government offices of Ghizer district.

    The police stations are specially following this trend as they are lodgiging fake cases against the nationalst activists and leaders.

    According to reports, the police stations of Ghizer have prepared a list of nationalists and their problems are not resolved  and unnecessary delayed. The police stations have also stopped granting charecter certificates to the nationalists by blaming them to be anti-state sentiments while the people who give information to the police regaurding the nationalists are awarded with prizes and special attention is paid to them in the police stations and government offices.


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