Brussels moot pass resolutions on Gilgit Baltistan

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday, April 19—25, 2008


 The two-day Brussels conference on constitutional, political and socio-economic conditions of Gilgit-Baltistan ended on April 9 after passing resolutions demanding restoration of fundamental rights to the people and constitution of a fact-finding mission on the region.

     The Conference expressed solidarity with the two million inhabitants of Gilgit Baltistan northern part of Kashmir, and demand that the government of Pakistan should restore fundamental political, constitutional, democratic, cultural, and human rights of the people of Gilgit Baltistan and withdraw all military and paramilitary forces  from the region

   “This august session deeply regrets on the plight and miseries of the people of  Gilgit Baltistan and recommends that a constituent assembly be formed for the people of this region.

    “We believe that Gilgit Baltistan is part and parcel of Jammu & Kashmir, and political leaders, intellectuals civil society should be included in future dialogues regarding Kashmir at any level.

    “We call upon world community and European Parliament to stop Pakistan from constructing dams illegally by displacing local people without compensating them as these areas are not legally part of Pakistan

    “We recommend to Government of Pakistan to establish infrastructure, educational institutions colleges, universities, polytechnique institutes, medical and engineering colleges, civic and hygienic facilities to the deprived and marginalized inhabitants of the region.

    “We  call upon Government of Pakistan to open all trade routes within state of Jammu and Kashmir so that the cultural links trade and commerce could be strengthened.

    “We the participants unanimously demand that highest courts be established and are agreed  on having regard of two-day conference on  Constitutional, Political and socio economic conditions of Gilgit Baltistan on following recommendations and resolutions for future proceeding  that;

    “We strongly condemn fake and fabricated and so-called sedition charges against political activists including Abdul Hamid Khan, Chairman BNF of Gilgit Baltistan, and demand that they should immediately and unconditionally be withdraw

    “We urge European Parliament to establish a fact-finding mission for Gilgit Baltistan to oversee the daily life difficulties of local people in the region.”

    We urge world community to pressurize Government of Pakistan to stop plundering and misusimg the natural resources of this area.


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