Work on 80MW power project in Phandar soon

Weekly Bang-e-sahar, Saturday,April 12-18,2008

By Our Correspondent

 GAHKUCH: The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) has prepared a feasibility report on construction of a 80 MW hydropower project in Phandar. Work on the project will start soon, officials said.
   They said French bank, AFB, would provide Wapda with 70 per cent of the project’s cost as loan on soft term basis while the remaining fund would be given to Wapda as grant-in-aid. The total cost of the project has been estimated to be Rs3.83 billion.
   All arrangements have been made to start work on the mega project. After conducting a survey, Wapda said the site was very suitable for the project.
  Officials said international tenders would be floated for the project with a few months. The project would be completed in two phases. In the first phase, 40 MW electricity would be produced that would be provided to Ghizer and Gilgit. After completion, Ghizer would become self-sufficient in electricity.
   In the second phase, 40 MW electricity would be produced would be given to Chitral district.
   The officials also said the project would not affect the land and other properties of the local population.



  1. Raja Arif Hussain Puniali

    I want to asked that peoples and political leders of Ghizer to plz complete project in Hatoon town of District Ghizer where all projects are not complete that authoratise which are related to this projects in Town Hatoon Punial.because Hatoon is center and importan town of Ghizer.
    From Hatoon Punial Ghizer.

  2. Raja Arif Hussain Puniali

    I want to asked and request to this Govt to plz complete our projects in District Ghizer .and also windup to other projects in Ghizer because Ghizer is big and important District of gilgit baltistan.

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