APNA discusses Nicholson report

Weekly Bang-e-sahar, Saturday,April 12-18,2008

Rawalpindi: Bolore Jammu Kashmir (BJK) All Parties National Alliance (APNA) held  a seminar on `The background of Baroness Emma Nicholson’s report and recommendations for its implementation’. It was presided over by chairman APNA Farooq Niazi and was conducted by Arif Shahid, Secretary- General APNA.
   Those who spoke on the occasion, besides the chair and secretary, included Mirza Wajahat Hassan Khan, ex-chairman APNA, Shaukat Maqbool Butt, President JKNLF, Prof. MARK Khaleeque, ex-president JKNAP and spokesman for APNA, Sardar Rauf Kashmiri, chairman JKLF (Rauf group), Sardar Sabir Kashmiri, vice-chairman JKLF (Rauf group), M. Iqbal, Advocate, President Karakoram National Movement (KNM), Mirza Nadir Hassan Khan, a leader of APNA, Sh. Abu Turab, Financial Seccretary APNA, Safdar Ali, central leader of Balawaristan National Front (BNF), Sardar Anwar Khan, a leader of JKLF (Aman group) and Ilyas Jhandalvi.
   The speakers dwelt on the background and contents of the report and its recommendations. They said she had efficiently and honestly identified the political, constitutional, economical, social and human rights violations in all the parts of Jammu Kashmir, and also mentioned such violations in Gilgit-Baltistan. They complained that they had also been crying hoarse all along but nobody believed them till the appearance of this report. Ms Nicholson, they said, had clearly declared in her report that the people of these territories had been meted out glaring injustices for the last 60 years and should be compensated by restoring them all their basic rights. The speakers asserted that majority of people of Jammu Kashmir wanted unification and independence of Jammu Kashmir as a secular and democratic state which could materialize in any shape and form according to the wishes of people of its respective units, where people of all religions, faiths, sects and races could live in peace and harmony without fear of oppression and suppression. The speakers demanded that the governments of Pakistan and India should implement the recommendations presented by Ms Nicholson in her report without any further delay. The seminar was followed by APNA’s CEC meeting presided over by its chairman and conducted by its Secy. Gen. the meeting announced a number of decisions one of them being a public meeting in Gilgit on April 28 against the ‘Karachi Agreement’ of 1949. It was also decided that APNA would start contacting people throughout so called ‘Azad Kashmir’ and Gilgit-Baltistan. The following resolutions were also passed at the end of the seminar:
1. The participants and the speakers demanded that a real democratic and representative government with full powers of a state should be allowed to exist in so called `Azad Kashmir’which should not be subservient to Kashmir Council, Ministry of Kashmir Affairs
2. The seminar demanded that the same set-up of the government which was introduced on Nov 1, 1947 as was provided in UNCIP’s resolutions should be revived in Gilgit-Baltistan and no other change whatsoever be affected in this territory before that.


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