Yasen hospital lacks basic facilities

By Our Correspondent
GHEZAR: Due to apathy of the authorities concerned, the doors of the only public sector hospital in Yasin tehsil have been closed on the 55,000 population of the tehsil, Bang-e-Sahar has learnt.
The 10-bed hospital was the only health care facility in the area but for the last many years it has not been supplied with necessary facilities. Besides, the posts of medical staff are lying vacant, while the hospital is always short of life-saving drugs.
Instead of filling the vacant posts of medical officers, a dental surgeon has been assigned the additional job of providing medical treatment to the patients. This is like playing with the lives of the patients and we call upon the higher authorities of the health department to take note of the situation and appoint doctors and provide all mising facilities in the hospitals, said social figures in the valley.
The area people complained that they had always been discriminated against in provision of basic facilities as compared to other areas of the region. They noted that the health department in particular had neglected the area for the last many years and laid more attention on the development of other areas. As a result, the valley has remained far behind as far as availability of educational, health and sanitary facilities were concerned, they added.
The residents also criticised their elected representatives for not solving the public problems. They said if the issue was not resolved on a priority basis they would have no option but to take to the streets against the governmnet.
WATER PROJECT: Work on a water supply scheme inaugurated by chief secretary Northern Areas Qamaruz Zaman Chaudhry has not been expedited so far. Besides, an issue has cropped up over supply of water from Nazbar to Sultanabad.
It has been learnt that with the start of work on laying of a water pipeleine from Nazbar to Sultanabad, the people of Yasin propper have raised the objection that the water from Nazbar was not enough to meet their need and therefore the project should be scrapped. However, the residents of Taus upper and Sultanabad have pointed out that the Nazbar stream had a number of springs which even in winter supplied sufficient quantity of water. While it summer the quantity of water in the stream increased after melting of snow. They even said that if there was a shortage of water in the stream in future, their share of water may be suspended to meet the demand of the consumers of Ysin proper.


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