Rising cases of suicide concernstudents

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday,April 5-11,2008

By Our Correspondent
KARACHI: The Ghezer Students Federation has expressed concern over rising cases of suicide cases and honour killings in the district and called upon the government to take steps to end the underlining causes of the incidents. In a statement, the students’ body regretted that the law-enforcement agencies have failed to arrest the culprits and give them exemplary punishment. It said the government agencies had often harassed the peaceful people of the valley by launching so-called operations against narcotics and illegal arms. It is known to all that the people of the area neither have ever kept illegal arms nor resorted to drug peddling. However, some anti-social elements had on a number of occasions smuggled in drugs and arms to spoil the congenial atmosphere of the area. The GSF held the government responsible for such illegal activity in the area. With its scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage and hospitality of the local populace, Ghezer has always been an attractive place for tourists. Besides, the area is also ahead of other areas in terms of literacy rate. Despites all these traits, incidents of suicide and honour killings have been rising in the area. In a meeting held at Karachi, the students representatives expressed concern over reports that six people have committed suicide in the area during the last only two months. Besides, there has been a considerable increase in murder and honour killing cases. They said without properly investigating the causes behind the suicide cases, no viable solution can be found to the problem. They criticized the government for its failure to take long-term measures aimed to check incidents of suicide and honour killings. The meeting also discussed the performance and working of non-governmental organizations in Ghezer and said they had done nothing to bring a substantive improvement in the socio-economic sector. A large number of NGOs are working in the area and receiving handsome amount in donations under the garb of working for the socio-economic welfare of the area but in reality they have done little to improve the life standards of the people and investigate the factors behind suicides and honour killings, they added. They said the government should regularize the working of the NGOs and take stringent measures to improve the socio-economic condition of the area, so that crimes like honour killings and suicides can be checked on a permanent basis.

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