Radio airs Khowar programme

Weekly Bang-e-sahar Saturday,April 5-11,2008

By Our Correspondent
GILGIT: Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation has for the first time launched Khawar language programme from Radio Pakistan Gilgit. The twenty-minute Khawar transmission will start at 5:10pm and continue up to 5:30pm. Khawar, which is the main language of Chitral, is also spoken in the Ghizer district of Northern Areas. After Urdu, Shina, Wakhi and Burushashki, Khawar is the fifth language broadcast from Radio Pakistan Gilgit. Adviser on education Noorul Ain and member Northern Areas Legislative Assembly Ali Murad Khan have expressed their gratitude over the launching of Khawar transmission from Gilgit. They said the transmission would be a milestone in the development and protection of Khawar language. They thanked the high officials of the ministry of information and director general PBC Javed Akhtar for initiating the Khawar language programme.


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