HR violations to be raised worldwide

By Our Correspondent

Gilgit: The rampant violations of human rights in Gilgit-Baltistan would be thoroughly discussed and raised at the international level। If the newly-elected government failed to undo the sixty-year-long deprivation of this strategically important area, the country as a whole would never move towards the path of development and progress। These views were expressed by Mr Israruddin, coordinator north, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), while talking to Bang-e-Sahar before his departure to Lahore to participate in the two-day annual convention of the commission। He said due to the absence of right to rule, the region was without almost all essential facilities which were the very base of human rights including educational and health care facilities, electricity and clean drinking water। He said the law and order situation in the region was deteriorating with each passing day and the concerned authorities had failed to check the rising graph of crimes. He said the elected representatives who got votes in in the name of development fell prey to corruption due to absence of checks and balances. The local press is under curbs and beating and torturing of journalists has become order of the day which makes the region a no-man’s land, he added. Commenting on the presidential package for the region, he said the government was hoodwinking two million people of Gilgit-Baltistan and such packages were just like paying wages to a labourer or a factory worker. In reply to a question regarding the efforts of human rights commision, he said he had been representing the human rights commission for the last four years and during this period he had made every effort to raise the deprivation of the area at every platform. He said in the forthcoming convention, the constitutional issue of Gilgit-Baltistan would be of special attention.


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