GBDA elects office-bearers

By Our Correspondent
GILGIT: The Gilgit-Baltistan Democratic Alliance (GBDA), a conglomerate of progressive political parties, has elected new office-bearers. According to the results, Ghulam Shehzad Agha was elected chairman and Burhanullah as secretary-general. Other officials are: Engineer Amanullah Khan, senior vice-chairman; Mumtaz Nagri, vice-chairman; Mirza Nadir Khan, secretary foreign affairs; Baba Jan, joint secretary; Mohammad Shafi Advocate, secretary information; Dr Amjad Changezi, seceratary coordination, and Muzaffar Hussain Advocate, finance secretary. Members advisory committee: Ehsan Ali Advocate, Mohammad Iqbal Advocate, Sultan Madad, Mir Haider Shah Rizvi, Manzoor Husain Pawana, Mohammad Rafiq, Ali Haider Taj, Wajahat Hasan Khan, Shabbir Masood, Sheikh Abu Turab, Abdullah Karim, Sher Wali Advocate, Ali Ahmad Jan, Dr Habib Yunus and Engineer Akbar Jehan. Later, speaking at a press conference, the newly-elected leaders of the GBDA asked the government to withdraw civil and military bureaucracy from Gilgit-Baltistan and Ladakh-Kargil. They demanded that the government should also open old trade routes in these areas. Instead of introducing so-called packages, the government should set up an independent and powerful legislative assembly in Gilgit-Baltistan and take tangible steps to end decades-old deprivation, poverty and unemployment in the region, they further demanded.


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