Bang-e- Sahar… Omen of an illuminated dawn

Editorial of 1st issue
Friday 18th – 27th July 2007
What’s the fate of two million mass of Gilgit Baltistan???
Disgrace and distrace, backwardedness, ignorance, a blind bullet or a horrible death due to poverty stricken disease is the fate of the mass of Gilgit Baltistan. The tale of last six decades is more or less this. A tale of such a heartless witch whose cruelties never come to an end .Who will mount the direction of this horrifying tale of agony?
Dear reader! This is the very question in search of whose answer we had started the publication of monthly Bange Sahar some five years back. The continuous publication of five years made not only the people of Gilgit Baltistan to think but analytical minds from the very corners of Pakistan were catalyzed. We tried our level best to mount the witches’ tale and the moment has arrived that the mass of Gilgit Baltistan be united and persuaded for a collective effort carrying this very sacred mission Bange Sahar is in your hands.
There is no shortage of newspapers in Gilgit-Baltistan today. Everyone is embarked on a mission and this is the miracle of journalism that the scenario is somehow changed today but destination still lies beyond the reach of vision
As a nation we failed to set a collective goal till today for who will unite us? Who will reveal ourselves to us? An epoch is has passed since our designation and identity were ransacked and looted and today Gilgit Baltistan is the only region in the world whose people are leading lives of practical slavery. Thinking is prohibited, and every effort of uniting the mass is fettered. The sectarian sentiment is sharpened in such a way that the ones in the corridors of power are the gainers and any effort to neutralize sectarianism results in the blood stained hands. A nation which is deeply endorsed in poverty is looted and every voice that attempts to bring the corruption tales to public is silenced in a brutal way leaving lesson for others. Astute people are taught unnatural and fake definitions of freedom. Genuine leadership is crashed before its very birth.
The resulting scenario is that poor people are looted, lands being occupied business persons left aching under the load of heavy debts and youth frustrated due to unemployment.
A full stop should be added to this tale before it goes further and weekly Bang-e- Sahar will put in the very effort to point out the very moves of this witch tale. We debate not on individuals but institutions and systems. We would talk with an authoritarian tune in a civilized and decent way. We would perform our duty of raising the conscious of the nation and for that we have an upright courage. We will put out the fires of sectarianism with the might of our pen.
Everybody will get equal representation on the pages of weekly Bang-e- Sahar and students would be particularly appreciated. We will help the government in developmental projects.
Dear readers we are human beings we may commit mistakes our courage might be shaken but it is you who can help in the hour of need and you have got the very right to criticize and correct us.
So do come forward and lets join hands. We assure you that weekly Bang-e- Sahar will continue to call for an illuminated dawn in the dark and disillusioned corners. Hopefully we together will feel the warm rays of sheen! .inshallah.


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